Nearly half of tap water in the US is contaminated

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“Lucky we live Hawaii” is a common expression. Our water is fairly clean. It is rainfall which hits the mountains, is filtered through lava rock into aquifers and then is pumped to us. Those aquifers are above the altitude people live. There are farms and animals up there. Rainfall and minerals in the ground are enough to make things grow. The only issue is that voters decided that flouride would not be added to the water, so we have to use flouride toothpaste if we want it.

Over in Honolulu they detected PFAS in very low quantities because their wells are lower in altitude and near communities.

It is interesting to me that I can identify the particular well my water comes from and I know where my pumping station is and how that water routes to my house. Each well is individually tested and reported. Many mainland water reports seem to be general and consolidated reports.