Managing a household food budget

It is hard to sacrifice and still enjoy life. Looking at it as a challenge, instead of a sacrifice may help.

Net worth is weak and extremely illiquid at just $57,500 at cost or is $108,5000 at market value - all tied up in the home and 401k - 401k is $112,000 and home equity is $52,500 at cost

If you exclude these, net worth is $(108,000)

In both cases, I exclude vehicles

Not to pile on but your financial ship is sinking under the high debt and negative net worth. You and your spouse need to resolve your overspending. I assume that DMP means debt management plan. As noted before find a non-profit counselor. Avoid for profit “debt management or credit repair companies. Your credit score is probably not high enough for a credit card balance transfer. A 401k loan is likely to result in default.

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Most of my debt is being an enabler not saying NO

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$25,000 on food for two people = $34.25 per person per day. That’s crazy. You should be able to live on a fraction of that. You need to learn how to cook at home, and take your lunches to work from home.

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This article might be useful:

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I like this article

$10/day would be awesome as that would be $930/mo. I think we average 250-300% of that

In 10 years, I’ve noticed my wife rage cleans. DR might be too extreme for her but the 50/30/20 rule would be better than the 55/65/-20 rule like last year

She likes a clean house. She hates when me and our teenage son bicker. I don’t like how me using the CC for groceries and utilities has made her think we have more money than we actually do

I’d like to have the money to pay down debt then spent on one movie night out with popcorn and drink, one other outings at $60/pop and one during the week if we have my son’s therapy, one Dunkin’ Donut breakfast run, and four trips to the drive thru.

Thanks for everyone’s help

Marriage counseling is in order. Money breaks up more marriages than sex problems.

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Wonder how often they occur together?

I agree 100%

I think mutual respect and caring for one another is the bedrock that most lifelong marriages are built upon.

Most of the things that lead to divorce are simply indicators of those things.