Legal services through a monthly fee

Has anyone ever used legal services where you pay a monthly fee through your job? I would pay about 18 dollars a month and would have legal services available to me when I need them. It’s to my understanding that it would pay for everything. I’m looking to get a Will together and I would rather do this rather than spend 100s of dollars on a lawyer.

I never utilized a monthly legal service subscription but since they are the pinnacle of fine print barons, they should have no problem you asking them what you get for $18/month IN WRITING.

If you can drop the legal services subscription any time you want then it is a possible go.

It may be one of those situations where most people will not need a lawyer so the money is all profit to the receivers. I’d be curious if they could look at real estate contract information too if you wanted to buy/sell a house or land, etc.

I had one for a while. I forget the name. I tried to use it when I got a traffic ticket and the lawyer couldn’t do any better than what the cop who wrote the ticket offered.

There are lots of non-profits like NPR and our local animal society who offer free wills.

I have Legal Shield available as a company benefit for about $14 per month. I have only used them for a few things:

  • Drafting a Medical Power of Attorney while my kids are away at college.
  • Reviewing a Lease Agreement.

Did you like using them?

It was acceptable service. I don’t really think that they would be useful for anything more than basic legal services.

In the claims business I delt with them from time to time.

Not impressed.

I’ve been on the other end. What the service covered of my fee was a half-hour consultation. It also qualified the client for an ongoing discount on things not covered by the plan (basically everything I do), which was also the rate that I charged to established large clients. If any of those clients had simply asked for my discounted rate, they would have been just as well off. Of course, I don’t do divorces, wills, traffic tickets, or any of that sort of thing, so by the time people got to me, they were at the end of what was covered.

Given the number of times I’ve needed legal services in my life I never though this would be worth it. I’d rather put the $18 per month in a legal emergency fund if you’re concerned about it.

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I assume they will not do Services like Evictions or defense if a Tenant sues over a Security Deposit?