Joel Kotkin: "How the Boomers Robbed the Young of All Hope"

And yet young people are not throwing boomers out of power. Look at the old fossils in the halls of power

Wow! Really on Target!

I grew up in Baltimore during the 40s and 50s.
Dad worked in the Steel Industry… then home of Bethlehem Steel.

Dad was able to send 6 kids to College. All have been successful.

We do not even make our Meds and other critical items anymore. We depend on our Frenamies for these.

Not sure I even want my grandkids to go to college, considering what they are now “teaching”.

If the question is “How did this happen?” the answer answer lies in the lead-off quote in the linked article:
“Young people do not degenerate; this occurs only after grown men have already become corrupt.” - Montesquieu , The Spirit of Laws, 1748 .

If us geezers would take a look in our rear-view mirrors we’d see things like " the trickle-down economy," the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, removing government constraints on business, allowing unlimited/untraceable political donations to go unchecked, boomers clamoring for higher returns in their 401Ks, first-year-out-of college quants making $150K a year working for Bear stearns, and… to clean it all up… Quantitative Easing.

Remember hearing about the Great Depression of 1929? You can think of 2022 as our 1941… we still have a war to go through and maybe some kind of New Deal before we’ll see something akin to the 1950-1960’s "good ole days"

We asked for it… and we got it! :nerd_face: