Is Medicare care inferior?

If someone has the option to sign up for medicare early, for example related to a disability, vs continue with a ACA marketplace or off-marketplace health insurance plan, are there considerations other than financial that might impact that decision? I see that some doctors don’t like that Medicare won’t help support their astronomical salaries and refuse medicare patients. I sometimes question the timeliness and level of care my father received after he was diagnosed with cancer. Of course, he likely could not have afforded much of any treatment without medicare.

It just seems a shame to save money only to possibly die earlier due to misdiagnoses or red tape.

Any experience or thoughts?

You are only as good as your doctor…not your insurance. More doctors take Medicare than ACA plans in many parts of the country.

If you are disabled…and collecting social security as a result and entitled to Medicare, you are not allowed to still get subsidies to pay for ACA plans…so Medicare may be your only affordable option at that time.

If you were a doctor, would you prefer to see patients who always got a discount but had more problems? If you were a lawyer would you jump at the chance to give away your services?

I’ve been on Medicare for seventeen years. I know docs who will readily take Medicare patients and some who don’t. It’s like lawyers taking pro-bono (non-paying) clients. Some do and some don’t… like most things having to do with people… it depends on the individual and how they see life. :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: :expressionless:

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I see no difference between Medicare and private insurance care. I would actually go as far as saying that Medicare is much better than private insurance. Just my opinion.

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Take a look at your next benefits paid out statement that shows billed vs paid.

I doubt the doc’s see it the same way most patients see it.

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I am sure they don’t see it the same as insureds do.

Then again all insurance providers have contracted rates that are far below billed charges.


This is very true, all medical insurance companies and Medicare do it this way.

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