Is it true that if you CAN be a do-it-yourselfer, you

…absolutely, positively need to be a do-it-yourselfer? People have to excuse me. It often feels like do-it-yourselfers are the only ones who are really surviving in this day and age.

Why do you say that? Just curious

For myself, I evaluate which things I can reasonably do myself vs where I hire a pro.

Social media is full of DYI videos, and also DYI fails …!

I pride myself in knowing what I can do and what I cannot do. However, I will then read and search to see how to fix the item myself. Having had a part of many different hobbies and occupations, there are few things I would not try to do.

My Sisters also are similar. They built a cabin which included corrigated roofing and porch. When people asked where they got the plans, they just said that they watched Youtube videos.

An incredibly helpful resource.

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For many things, I’ve always wanted to at least learn how to do it myself. And once I’ve learned how, I no longer have a burning desire to do it myself. If it’s a relatively easy task, I’ll usually do it myself. But if not, even if I can do it, I will usually hire it out. Unless it is something fun.

I won’t touch plumbing or electricity. I learned years ago that I break the first, and am scared of the later. But i can do simple carpentry, lay tile, do artistic wall texturing and painting, design and make stained glass, sew relatively complex clothing, embroider, knit, crochet, build fences, chicken coops, etc., frame pictures, design, write, mow the yard, trim shrubs and trees dig gardens, plant, and lots of other things. I’m glad I know I can do them all. And I am also glad I know which ones are worth my own effort vs which ones I am just as happy to hire out; which ones the actual effort brings joy vs which ones the joy is in the result, not necessarily the effort.

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So very true. With an extensive mechanical background, the thought of hiring someone else to repair or build something was an insult.

At my age now, I am quite content to hire someone and just watch.


My dad use to say when I was growing up, you will never know what you’re capable of doing if you don’t try. Over the years I’ve become a decent “shade tree” mechanic, handle most home repairs, pretty handy with a chain saw, and a lot of other things, often just because I wasn’t afraid to try. There is no substitute for you tube videos.

My dad did nearly everything himself. Because of that, I do almost everything myself. I also taught my daughters how to do some things so they didn’t have to be completely dependent on others for everything. Much of it comes down to building confidence in tackling new things and not being intimidated. Also, knowing your limitations is a good thing.

Same here, I am a retired engineer. When I was young, I prided myself on never having to call a repairman or pay for any work. Now I will not get on a ladder over 4 feet so that eliminates a lot of jobs and I hardly ever work on my cars at all as I never really enjoyed that (and they have gotten too complex). Other jobs I do a work versus enjoyment versus cost comparison.

No offense, people, but what about cutting down a big tree in one’s backyard without hiring any outside help at all?

Depends on many factors. I’ve done this when there was no danger of it hitting anything. If it could hit the house, power lines, neighbors stuff, is a danger to myself, or a whole host of other things, I call the tree guy.

Depends on whether you actually know what you are doing, and are capable of doing it safely. My previous next door neighbor absolutely was, and on multiple occasions did take down large trees. And was paraplegic. He knew what he was doing, and how to safely do the work.