Is decluttering based on an outdated idea?

The decluttering mentality is somewhat based on “oh, just get rid of it if you haven’t used it in two years, if you really need it, you can re-acquire it later”.

1980-2020 was dis-inflationary. Prices for lots of things went down, down, down for decades. Not so much any longer.

Maybe it’s best to hold on to some things that may be hard or expensive to replace down the line.

There is another justification, and I will give example. It is same principle as “live within your means” on the financial side. It is “Live within your space!”

So I got myself a new old house, plenty big enough for me. Couple of years later I got a new bride. We understand the house is a bit small, but the determination is NOT to go for something bigger because 1) She don’t wanna clean a bigger house and 2) She loves her garden!

Thus it comes down to determining what to keep and what to get rid of. Most everything is in play but certainly not my piano or ever how many sewing machines she can fit in sewing room. If it won’t fit it must go. No way we will consider renting storage!

Yes we definitely consider value or potential value when discarding.

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Not much in your household is going to go up in value once it’s considered “used”.

Furniture is the worst investment of all. Same for clothes.

There is a lot of value in donation. Gets stuff out of your house. Helps someone else.

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That kind of proves my point. If there is any tiny shred of a possibility you could repair or repaint furniture and keep using it why would you want to get rid of it?

In case you need that type of furniture again, the worst thing to do would be to keep buying an asset at costly furniture store prices, which goes to zero value.