What changes are you making, if any, to adjust to inflation?

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I’m buying an electric car to save on gas.

Just kidding, I’m not buying a car at all. Because of inflation.

Deferring every possible purchase. Cancelling every ongoing charge or fee I can.

Paying more for my gasoline purchases, and human fuel.

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None… bought a BEV but planned on that regardless. I’m retired and planned on high inflation during my retirement. It’s well below what I expected.

I began thinking seriously about retirement in 1993 and planned on an average of 5% annual rate. It’s been just half that since 1993. I’ve been retired for 11 years and the average has been 2.5% per year since that time.

Widowed and retired 14 years. During covid had my groceries delivered, but that lasted two months. Realized it’s one of the few reasons to leave the house. Zero debt and living costs are low, but don’t want become recluse.