I downgraded my Costco Executive membership today

Both mine and my wife’s are always above $300 and we just transfer it to our checking accounts.

That was one Expensive mini-Split system! I got a full-blown Whole House HVAC system for less than that and it also included a mini-split. Are you sure it wasn’t solid Gold?

Actually it was expensive labor but I’m glad I could afford it. I don’t know if I can afford the electric to run it.

Wow, That must have been one nasty job to cost that much. The mini-split systems are great, I have two of them.

I wish you were around before I bought it so I would know who I should of have bought it from.
I did get 15% back from Costco as a gift card and 2% back from my visa rewards card so I got it down to the lower $13K if one wants to look at it that way. It is a Lenox unit.

I’m still a bit confused about what exactly it was that you bought. Did you get this from the people that man that kiosk as you are leaving Costco? That’s where I got mine and got similar discounts and Refunds as well, but I purchased a whole new HVAC system. Now, I got mine 7 years ago, but I cannot see prices going that high since. A mini-split is a ductless unit, basically for just one room, though some units are made to service more than one, like 4 rooms. They are more expensive for sure. Lennox is a good brand, but probably not made by Lennox. I got a Lennox mini-split when I got my whole house system. It is in a sunroom where we couldn’t extend ductwork to it. I just installed another mini-split in my basement to supply additional heat there. I had a contractor do it and it costs me a little over $3k (retail), but I did pull the 220v wiring around there myself. The contractor wanted $500 extra, and I could do it myself. Actually, I could have installed the mini-split myself, but the Boss wouldn’t let me. So, I got a brand new high-efficiency Lennox Furnace and AC unit, including a two-stage Compressor and Condensor, and some new ducting, they wrapped my old ducts, House built in the '50s, and the mini-split unit installed for a little over $13k net. The crawlspace was so tight that I had two HVAC contractors decline to even quote. Somehow I think you got more than you know. For the most part, the mini-splits are not that difficult to install. I have a friend who has a bit of an odd situation to add one in an added-on playroom, but he still isn’t getting crazy expensive quotes. But, I could see in some situations that the installation could be complicated, but the unit itself shouldn’t cost that much unless you have 5-ton units that service multiple rooms. Then I imagine you could easily get into your price range. Anyway, i hope it services you well.

I had to look up “split system” A/C unit. I first saw them used back in the early 2000s in NZ, AUS and in some of the more posh resorts in the SP islands. Until very recently, I had never seen them used in the US.