Does Costco Save You Money

Is a membership worth it?

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I think it’s worth it for many and I had it for years.
It’s totally across town for me…
The parking is horrendous
The checkout lines are also horrendous…

and I found the same prices [or close enough] at Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc. And a big one for me: stores are closer and parking is easier.

But that’s me…


Yes but Executive does not pay for itself if only 2 people

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We go to target. We use their app and red card.

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I was pleasantly surprised how Target fits my needs so well.

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I don’t shop there often, but they carry things I can’t find elsewhere; prices are competative; they provide a longer warranty than the manufacturer.

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Hi Robert, why do you like Target?

Target is closer to me but that store does not have groceries.
The Walmart is a bit further and not as convenient, but it fills my needs.

At our age we buy few clothes… those that we do buy are either on line or Kohls. I like Lands End Black Khakis… exact inseam length.

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Agreed, but my Target has a HUGE frozen food section which I really like.

At my age, convenience is a big issue and shopping at closer stores with improved parking and checkout is more important than saving a few dollars.


It does for us. We have been Costco members for nearly as long as there has been a Costco. So, we would be members at $60, but are exec members at $120. 2021 was the first year that the 2% rebate was not greater than $120. It was, however, $80, more than enough to pay the difference between exec and regular membership.

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I do my grocrry shopping at Safeway, Sprouts, occasionally Trader Joes or Basha’s–they are all close and convenient. If at Costco, I might look, but don’t get much in the way of groceries. I might if I still had a young family.

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I think you can buy from the Costco website without a membership. They offer free shipping if the order is over $75 (?). There is a surcharge, something like 10% (?) if you do not have a membership. You could compare that to Amazon or your favorite grocer for non-perishable goods. With gasoline still over $4 here and many other places, home delivery might win out over driving X miles to save a few bucks?

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Do I save Money at Costco.
Yes I do but it is more than that.
This year I got the 2 Samsung S20s at half price thru T Mobile but without a Contract at Costco.

I buy all my Electronics at Costco.
The prices are not that much better than Amazon, but the 90 day return policy is reassuring and I have used it once or twice.

Although there are only 2 of us, what do we buy at Costco.

  • All Paper Products and Ziplock Bags
  • Aluminum and Plastic Foils
  • Detergents and most cleaning supplies
  • Frozen Shrimp and Scallops
  • Butter
  • Coffee Pods
  • Batteries.etc
  • Pharmacy items but not Prescriptions.
  • and don’t forget Tires.
  • Progressive Eye Glasses

The Pharmacy will Special order items they do not carry with a day or 2 notice at great prices.

So yes, I think it is well worth it although I do not keep track.

We have set up Google Sheets for Costco, Trader Joes and Walmart listing what we normally buy there.
Makes putting together a shopping list super easy,

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Plus the extended warranty Costco provides.

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California road trip girl here…
Just the gasoline savings does it for my family. Even before the war in Ukraine.

I actually have all western states Costco gas stations in my gps.

Hee, your mileage may vary!

I was surprised to find that Murphy (Walmart brand) is 2 cents cheaper than CostCo and is within walking distance.

Yes… the executive membership is worth it, for many years now, we’ve always come out ahead.

For consumables we buy most of our paper products, canned drinks, pharmaceuticals, ice cream, some fruits & vegetables, some meats, etc. also eye glasses and hearing aids, T-shirts, casual clothing items, etc.

We also mange to buy a computer and/or accessories, and a TV or appliance at least once a year. We just returned a $649 Dyson battery-operated vacuum (too wimpy,) and will probably buy an exercise bike this year.

COSTCO has a great return policy, good prices and BIG PARKING SPACES. love em’ :nerd_face:

The exec membership pays for itself in our 2-people household.

Plus one on the parking spaces. They are awesome. It’s a rare occasion that Sam’s gas is less than Costco in my area. Filled up today at Costco and the price was 31 cents less than the three stations within a block. Executive rewards more than cover my membership each year and Costco shopping plus a little travel on the Citi card makes for nice rewards from that also.

Parking at the closest Costco is horrible…if it were not so bad, I might go more often. There is another that isn’t too far, but it’s not on my beaten path, and is noticeably farther; it has much better parking.

Are you referring go the size of the parking spaces? Or the availability of them?

I’ve seen many full Costco parking lots but their parking spaces are always commodious.

I tried it once and could never justify the membership money being a single person. Find a friend or relative who has a membership, and go with them as a guest. Although you may have to use cash, or have them pay and you give them the money later