How to make my dog's picture "talk"

We use our dogs as part of our marketing. Silly, but it sells. Yesterday we had a video done and now we want to use them to do the intro. Is there a software out there that we can use to make them talk. There’s a pic of the 2 of them and we want to have them talk about the service. Everything I find is for the phone, not computer. Yes. This is goofy, but our audience loves dogs and it should be a good hook. Thanks for any ideas.

Whatever app you use, you should be able to save the finished product as a video file, like .mp4, .mpeg, .avi or .mov.

If you can’t use the video file type the app creates you can get software to convert it to another type.

I use a free application called VLC that has the capability for video file type conversion, but it’s pretty nerdy and tech oriented.

Here’s a site that explains video file types and some of the tech terms and what they mean… if that’s too techie find a kid who dabbles in video to help you, most love that kind of stuff.

I’m interested in that app, too. I was looking for a similar app in the past and found “Talking Pet - AI Animal Editor,” but it’s only available on the App Store and I have an Android phone. Furthermore, I’ll let you know if I find one for PC, but please let me know as well when you find one.

Everything I’ve found is for the phone and I also have Android. Plus, the phone screen is too small anyway.

Artificial Intelligence is advancing rapidly, so it will likely be available in the near future, but it will be expensive at first. I’m excited to wait for it to become affordable.

Have you tried using Adobe Character Animator? It allows you to create animations with your own design and voiceover. Good luck with your video!