How Thieves Use Apple Air Tags

We had a double murder near our neighborhood that occurred when a former boy friend put a GPS tracker on the girls car. He tracked her to her new boy friends home and then killed them both.

They have also been used in other murders.

One response has been to try and create a law to use them to track people.

Question: Would a person willing to commit murder because he is jealous be dissuaded because using a tracking device is illegal?

Same logic applies to guns.

Which is to say it won’t stop it completely but it will certainly reduce it. Also murderers aren’t the only ones doing it.

I agree.

There is already a law against planting a device on some one else’s property.

It’s called Trespass, which is usually a misdemeanor.

Making it a felony might be helpful.

There is also a civil remedy since a victum can sue the perp.

It would be possible to have different levels of tresspass, with some being misdemeanors (e.g. snipping off all the buds or their prized roses or taking your dog onto someones property to relieve itself) and others felonies (e.g. planting a tracking device onto a person or their property to stalk them).

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