How should issuer handle Compromised Credit Cards?

In another string, I mentioned that a Credit Card was compromised.

The issuer cancelled the card and issued a new number.

That card was the one I use for on-line and auto recurring charges. These require special attention apart from the normal 2 page Family CC.

So you see what happened, I start getting messages from all the Recurring charges that my CC was denied… Wonderful… had to contact every vendor on that card.

I just wonder if there might be a better way.
Could the CC do a 90 day look back and see the bills I have accepted and paid and continue with those… maybe even contact the vendor about a new number.

Or maybe offer that Service for me to accept or reject.

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You’re right. The process is really a hassle. There’s got to be a way to automate this.

Got an email from B/A, questioning a charge. I fully agree that it should be declined. [long story] But the question was, “Do I recognize this charge?” If I say NO, they will delete and mail a new one. But a new card means hours and hours changing my 25 auto-pays! A nightmare!

What exactly does YES mean? Unsure, I called and a B/A rep explained it. Later got a text warning me I needed to reply. I called again, got another rep, who gave me an entirely difference explanation! Very frustrated.

Sounds a little like the guy who said someone stole his wife’s Credit Card… but he was spending less than his wife. :smiley:


I asked this very question of CH recently and they took my question on the podcast. I’m not sure I even fully grasp his suggestions, and I’ve been meaning to go back and listen again. I think it was on the January 26th episode.