How safely invest proceeds from home sale

Need to invest about $250000 to safely grow for about 10 years. Intend to leave to family member as inheritance.

Is this in addition to the $100,000 you had to invest last fall? What did you end up investing that in, and have you considered that for this money? It sounds like your family will be set pretty well when you pass. Although I’d hope you have far more than 10 years left.

Your comments are not helpful. Please don’t comment on my business.

What exactly did you end up investing in last time, and why won’t that work this time?

Why so nasty? He remembered you already invested $100K and was asking what you invested in and why you are looking for something else. It appears to me that you’re seeking advice & he is asking for advice or input from you. He was courteous, wishing you many years of health. Maybe invest part of your $250K in a manners class.

My theory is that people who do this are just writing articles based on what people tell them. They come around when they need new material. I’ve seen other posters here who ask almost the exact same question multiple times months apart, and for some reason freak out when you refer to their prior post.

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