HOA Theft? This certainly looks like it!

Be careful what you sign and know the downside of any transaction. I personally have only once owned a house in an HOA development. Failure to follow the rules limited my access to the community center, pool and tennis courts.

I always suspected you were a bit of a wild duck Lava… Wild ducks always have a hard time flying in formation. :slightly_smiling_face:

Fortunately Arizona passed a statute quite a few years ago that limit forclosure by the HOA to assessments in excess of $1200 or a year of not paying the assessment. Other money owed can be collected at closing after a sale, and takes precedence to all claims except taxes and a 1st mortgage. If that does not cover the amount owed, the debt follows the owner at the time the debt accrued (not the property). Or the hoa can sue for the amount owed.