Hawaii Deal on Southwest!

I just saw this and have not independantly verified it.

Southwest Bring-A-Friend-To-Hawaii: From $26

A number of Hawaii deals and discounts have recently shown up. Clark’s travel page should have them.

At first, it was recommended that visitors stay away from Maui. Others seemt o think that the whole state burned down. My Sister here on the Big Island had a mainland friend offer to help her rebuild… HUH?

In any event, although parts of Maui have been cordoned off, the rest of the island of Maui is available for tourists although there may be some limits on how many people they can accept. Thousands of people have been put up in hotels because their house may be gone. Still, Maui and other islands rely upon tourism and Maui tourism has dropped to 1/3 the number of visitors.

This is the latest information about travel to Maui.

You are encouraged to visit places other than the west side of Maui.

As an aside, Maui residents appreciate the outpouring of donations and love for those who were affected by the disaster.