Have You Ever Bought a Car With a Credit Card?

Tell us about your experience (or someone you know) with buying a vehicle with a credit card.

Will they even let you? We bought a car recently and had to reserve it with $1000 deposit until the dealer received it. They would only take debit, no credit, for the deposit.

Yes in 2012 I bought a 2012 Hyundai Sonata, price was about $23-24K on an Alaska Airlines Visa card. The dealer was out of my state and I put a $500 deposit on it over the phone with my Visa. When I arrived to pick it up I asked If they could put the whole thing on it, they said yes!

In 2022 I put a $5,000 deposit on a 2022 Volvo XC-40 EV and when I asked them to do the whole thing on my Visa card they said no.

It pays to ask… :nerd_face:

I have tried twice to purchase cars with a CC and they would only let me put $2,000 on the CC. Neither would let me put the whole amount on the card.

I have been able to put deposits on a credit card, but no luck with the full purchase.

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