Greyhound Bus Problems

I’m at the end of my rope!! My elderly, disabled father had a ticket to take a Greyhound bus back to his retirement home this morning at 9:45. It’s a remote stop at a Chevron station to take him to the main bus depot in the city, and then onto his final destination. We arrived 45 minutes before boarding time, and waited 2 hours after boarding time. The bus never arrived. I tried calling every single number on their website and could never speak to a human. When I tracked the bus from the website, it said the bus departed from the stop at 9:59 and marked my father as a no show. My only saving grace is that I called the disabled assistance number since we had requested assistance for his disability when booking the ticket and was able to speak to a person. They refused to refund the ticket since he was marked as a “no show”. I explained that we (I waited there with him the whole time to see him off) were sitting at the bus stop from 45 minutes before boarding until 2 hours after and no bus ever came. So I tried social media to reach someone from greyhound to resolve the problem. They kept telling me since I was not the passenger they refused to talk to me. I explained several times my father is 83, and doesn’t know how to use twitter, and that all of his disablities were listed in the booking! We have purchased another ticket for him for 9:40pm tonight, but I’m worried the driver will not show again. And I have absolutely no recourse.

Why don’t you use your phone and film the timeframe that you are at the bus stop to show that you are there at the appropriate time and that no bus came. If you post that to social media I would think that would garner some attention from Greyhound…

Just the threat of resorting to social media to tell the world about your problem often solves the problem. It’s called “escalating the complaint.”

If you can get someone on the phone, explain the problem and if they cannot help you first ask them for their name, be nice and courteous, thank them and then tell them you want to speak with their supervisor or 2nd-level support. Repeat the process again and if you get the same answer, request the next level and when you are told they cannot do it tell them that they are forcing you to resort to putting a video up on social media to inform others of your problem.

The higher you can get up the chain, the more receptive you’ll find they are to find a way to solve your problem.

If you check around with the people in your sphere you can probably find someone to help with the video, especially kids into tech stuff. When you find someone to help you, then you can tell your antagonist you have a friend who’s hobby is making social media videos.

If you have to resort to the video, it may also help to sooth your anxiety.