Georgia Real Estate Contract Question

In the state I live in, GA, if the financing contingency period ends without the buyer terminating the contract, then the seller shall have the right to request that buyer provide seller with written evidence of buyer’s financial ability to purchase the property. This is usually in the form of a Loan Commitment Letter. Buyer shall have 7 days from the date the request is delivered to the buyer to provide the requested information. If, after 7 days, the buyer has not produced the requested information, seller shall notify buyer of the default and the buyer will have 3 days to remedy it. If the buyer does not timely cure the default, seller may terminate the contract within 7 days.

My question is how can I prove that the request to “provide proof of financial ability” has been sent to the buyer within the 7 days’ timeframe.

I assume, I should tell my realtor to notify them. Unfortunately, my realtor doesn’t always read emails/tests in a timely manner. Besides, she may not be in a big hurry to respond to my request since it possibly involves payday.

If you have exclusive representation from your agent they are probably bound by GA law. That law should bind your agent to act in your best interest. Tell your agent to get the lender’s loan commitment letter before the deadline. If she doesn’t, then call her managing broker and complain, that should result in some action.

You are the boss, the agent, if she represents you exclusively, works for you.

I’m not a lawyer, this is not legal advice. I was a licensed RE Broker for 12 years.