Gas Furnace & Heat Pump

Is their a reason that a Builder would put in a Gas Furnace for the main level and a Heat Pump for the upper level (2 beds/bath and open Loft.

I may have to replace the Heat Pump would a second Furnace be better. I assume the A/C units are not a concern.

The heat pump also serves as an AC unit. No idea why he would use two different systems.

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Is this on a new house? If so, it seems odd. If an older home, I’d guess that one was a replacement; probably the heat pump since you indicate separate A/C units.

Here’s a discussion about that very topic in Atlanta, GA:

Thank You, but most of that is above my pay grade. FYI

The house is about 15 years old… original HVAC equipment still running.

The Downstairs has 2 beds including Master… so we seldom go up. We keep the upstairs (Heat Pump) set for like 60 in Winter and 80 in Summer… so the Downstairs Gas Furnace controls and the Heat Pump use is minimal.

What happened is a combination. In changing the Filters the HPump got turned off… not a big deal, but when the temperature outside got to 94, it was.

We called our HVAC guy. The hot air upstairs was the problem… and flicking a switch solved the problem.

The house is well insulated and we keep a steady temp year round, so no complaints.

I asked the HVAC guy why we had 2 different systems. He did not know and added that HPumps are more Expensive than Furnaces… so why a Builder???

I asked if when the HPump needed replacement if a second furnace was a better option, He said the installation/conversion cost would not be worth it.

The HVAC guy was not the one to change the filters and did not charge me for the Service Call. He was very busy and we will see him again.
The HVAC Systems are in the Attic… I no longer go there!!!

The short story is that the heat pump operates in a narrower outside/inside temperature range, both hot and cold, but is a more energy-efficient method of climate control. I’d consider what you describe, notwithstanding user mistakes, as a desirable, even preferable system.

Having lived with both types of systems, I am guessing that the builder put the gas unit in so the residents would have the warmth of a fossil fuel system but didn’t see the need for one upstairs, since warm air rises. And of course cold air will fall. Without one helluva crystal ball, he couldn’t know where gas and electric prices would be now or how you would use the house.

My wife’s best friend has two heater systems - one’s a heat pump, the other a boiler

Maybe a technician gave the HOA a kickback for more stuff to replace since that’s on the homeowner