Final Tally of Lottery Playing 2023

Sometimes winning is worse than losing as a good portion of the population doesn’t know how to handle a windfall

Lots of things are enjoyable. Most addictions are enjoyable, or people would stop doing them. The only solution is to learn how to overcome your addiction and find other, less harmful things to enjoy. Flushing money down a toilet, no matter how small the amounts, will add up to a major problem as the addiction grows so that you require larger and larger amounts to feed your habit. Stop now before it is too late. I used to gamble in my stupid youth. I quit voluntarily when I finally realized how silly it was, and that gambling was getting me nowhere and nothing.

Go for something that has a better-than-even chance of making you rich, not a million to 1 chance to make you poorer. Stock mutual funds? They worked for me, and I still enjoyed the trip along the way!

Witness that with college players who get a monster $$$ signing bonus for some pro team.

I recall one star running back from Oregon who got $250k signing bonus and spent over $100K on tricking out an expensive new van.

He was on the practice team a few years and left, never having played in a single game.

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Of course if he took that $$$ then got a real job, he’d be ahead. Do well on the practice squad, great! But in the meantime…

His fans tried to keep track, but he dropped off the grid

Gambling usually starts out as a small part of your income. Then as the thrill wears off, bigger amounts are required to be put at risk to get that adrenaline rush. Eventually, gambling addicts risk ALL of their assets and borrow all they can from friends and loan sharks. Stop now while you can. Change from gambling to investing and you will gain a pot of money to show for it, not a pile of debts!

Because Perpartriddle posted here about his gambling, he was looking for affirmation that he is only enjoying a harmless pleasure. Is that all he is doing? Ask any addicted and in-debt-to-his eyebrows gambler, exactly how he got started.

I think he was sharing, and wanted to know if anyone else felt the same way. The fact that he reviewed his habit and tallied up the cost for the year is an indicator he is managing his habit. Just because others think gambling is a waste of time & money doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.

It’s just a “his thing” that costs him $3,314 a year. We don’t know, maybe that’s insignificant pocket change to #Perpatriddle.

Sure, it is just a harmless habit that can only lead to good things down the road. People who say that are usually people who are doing the same thing, throwing their money down a toilet.

You seem to make a lot of assumption about people that you don’t know…

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Really? :roll_eyes:

It takes one to know one. I know. Quit while before you reach the point that you can’t.