2 Pound Winning English Lottery Ticket

So my brother just got back from a trip to Europe (U.K, France, Portugal) and he picked me up a scratch off lottery ticket in England, it was a 2 pound winner lol.

I thought it might be neat to send to the lottery office and have them send me back a check, thought it would be a cool souvenir, would only give them my name and address but was wondering if its worth the risk from some kind of identity theft ? (being outside U.S.)

I have all the Clark recommended identity theft safeguards in place.

Are you assuming they would send you a check for 2 pounds?

I would presume they would be obligated to send a check upon request.

Do they even do that here? I thought you had to redeem them at a store that sells tickets if the prize is below a certain amount (though I admit I don’t have first-hand knowledge of lottery practices). I can’t imagine any U.S. state lottery mailing a check overseas to a claimant, especially for a couple of bucks.

Yes they do in fact pay by mail here, I have done it with the New York lottery and other states.