Dress Shirt Laundering

Prior to the Pandemic, I was paying 1.75 to get a dress shirt laundered and returned on a hanger. I am now paying 2.50.
What are you paying.

It is a small Ma&Pa Cleaners… good folks. I know they were hit hard as folks worked from home, needed far less Cleaner services.
They have been great, conveniently located and I will likely stay with them… but that is quite a rise.

What is this dress shirt of which you write?

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??? Is this a joke?

A long sleeve cotton shirt (white, stripe or pattern) with collar either button down or regular.

I need exact sleeve length shirts so these work for me.

I haven’t had a shirt laundered by a cleaners since I retired 23 years ago. I think I have worn a shirt and tie 4 times in that time frame, 2 funerals, a wedding and a SIL doctorate graduation. After wearing them for 30+ years, I was and am pretty much done. I am also down to one suit and one sport coat, after having 8-10 suits when I retired. Can’t remember the last time I wore one. Dry cleaners have become an endangered species around here.

Wife got tired of ironing them. She is entitled to SOME Retirement too. We can afford it.
I agree about Weddings and Funerals.

Because of the sleeve length, I buy dress shirts that are patterned like Sports shirts… not white.
I can get them at Land’s End, Costco (occasionally) and Kohl’s Mail Order.

My arms are short for my neck size. Let’s leave it there. :grinning:

While on the subject: Lands End is the best source for odd combination sizes. Shirts or Pants. I love their Khakis, exact length and deep pockets. Watch for sales and stock up.

Haven’t had any success there. I have found that LL Bean offers the best size combos for me. They are a little pricey, but I get sale emails from them a few times during the year.

I guess I am in the minority. Although my ‘dress shirts’ are aloha wear, if I am going to an event, I iron them myself (I am retired). A bit of spray sizing (lighter than starch) and I am on my way.

The last time I had something laundered (other that wash and dry) was in the late 60’s.

I’m allergic to any shirts requiring ironing… a fact my wife brought to my attention about 15 years ago… :nerd_face:

Exactly. My wardrobe is mostly tees and polos that do not require ironing. I rarely wear a shirt that requires ironing.

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A few years ago I was getting them done for under $2 each I think, as late wife never did anything but wash and some of them got too wrinkly to be passable.

New bride, however, is a quilter and she irons everything even tee shirts! I wash 'em and she irons what a deal! Oh I did buy her a fancy “jumping” iron (Oliso) to make it easier.

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