Donations to organized homeless shelters deductible, if not itemized?

I don’t itemize my taxes but make considerable donations to local homeless centers. Can I still deduct them?

It doesn’t look like it. There was a special provision that allowed people to deduct $300 even if they didn’t itemize, but it seems that was only for 2020 and 2021.

I recommend keeping records regardless. I don’t usually itemize but have had years where unexpected medical bills pushed me over the level where I could - and then all that other stuff is on the table to deduct.

If you take RMDs from an IRA you can do a Qualified Charitable Gift and it will not count as income, so you won’t pay FIT for that amount.

You need to have your IRA people cut the check, send it to you and then you give it to the charitable organization.

Thanks all.
I kinda figured that but wanted to be sure. I knew the CH forum users would know.

I just glanced at the rules for tax year 2023 and you may have to have your IRA people send the check directly to the charitable organization. Last year it was ok for me to get the check cut payable to the charity from the fund administrator and then personnaly mail the check to the charity.

Thanks. Good info.

There may be different rules for state income taxes, so you should look into that, too.

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Good idea–thanks