Annuities in retirement account?

I have recently retired, and will not hit the Required Minimum Distribution age for four years, I do not plan on taking distributions until that time. Any tax problems if I have vanilla fixed rate annuities in my retirement accounts? Also, my retirement accounts will have listed two charities listed as beneficiaries. Since the money is going to charity, wonder if it makes sense to take a small portion and create a charitable gift fixed annuity at this time. If I do so, does the interest earned stay in a retirement account or do I receive funds outside of the retirement account?
Any comments will be appreciated, thank you!

Oh lots of questions there, so I will answer what I think I know…

First big question is whether your retirement funds are “qualified” or not. In plain terms, regular IRA accounts got that way because the money was not taxed. Roth are not taxable as the money already got taxed and you owe no more. Mix is fine, but you have to treat separately.

Recognizing that RMD is coming means some of your money is not taxed, and the government wants you to take it, confess “income”, and pay the tax. Charitable giving is fine but I would do it from a regular account so you can claim the deduction on your tax confession.

I don’t see an annuity as being beneficial, though no doubt some annuity peddler will try to convince you it is. Others will be quick to remind you that annuities line the pockets of the peddlers…

Anyway, when you hit the magic age the fun can begin! Get educated on Qualified Charitable Distributions. Do it right and you can give away up to $100k of RMD money in a year! Thus you “have” no so-called “income” on your RMD and your charity does not pay tax either!

Depending on your style, your choice of custodian may differ. One check for the year is one thing. A dozen checks over the year is quite another and you want it to not be hard.

Got it…thank you!