Does anyone use Thunderbird for email?

I changed my password for my email and it works at the provider’s Internet site. I can not understand how to change my password in Thunderbird. Thunderbird’s “Help” has not helped. Has anyone done this?

I just have Thunderbird try to connect & download the emails, and it will fail, and a pop-up form will appear, asking me to enter the password.

I use Thunderbird. You can force the program to ask you for a new password to try.

Click on TOOLS in the menu, then SETTINGS and then PRIVACY & SECURITY.
Under PASWORDS, click on SAVED PASSWORDS. You can look at the saved accounts. IMAP or POP are passwords for incoming mail. SMTP is the password for sending mail out.

Click SHOW PASSWORDS then anser YES. The stored passwords will be displayed. You can click on the password that is wrong and type in a new one. Once you enter the change, you can close that window. I usually exit Thunderbird at that time and them open it again.

If the password entry is blank, I think Thunderbird will ask you when it tries to send or receive mail.If it does, you should check to have the system remember/save that password.


Thanks to both. Thunderbird is working for me again.