Do You Have a Bank Beef?

I thought I’d share a link to a Consumer Reports page that let’s you describe customer service problems with your bank. I’m not sure if Clark has talked about this or not, but I’ve been a Consumer Reports subscriber for decades, and, like Clark, they are a rare thing in our civilization that’s trying to look-out for the little guy. I don’t agree with everything they say, but they’re a pretty good advocate for a lot of things.

If you have a banking story you’d like to share, here’s the link: [ ]

I left BOA several years ago as their fee structure changed several times. There was a gal at my local branch that advised me on better structuring things to avoid/reduce fees… but we reached a point where even she had reached her limits. I gave up and left.

Now I bank with Chase… free checking for Vets and on-line with Alliant FCU.

Speaking of Consumer Reports. 50 years ago when we were buying our first house, CU was our Bible as to what Vacuum, Washing Machine, Toaster etc etc to get.

However at some point they drifted toward Social/Political issues that offended me.

I guess the end was when they wanted to charge more for on-line access than magazine delivery. The on-line was good instead of having to save several years of the magazine. Seems on-line should have lowered their cost not caused a price increase.

At that point I quit. I still get mailings to resubscribe but quickly trash them. Today Amazon Reviews fill that need,

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What’s a bank? :grin: