Do I have to activate the debit card to my new bank account?

I opened a free, no fee bank account at capital one. I’ve never used this bank before. I’m using the account to link to my tmobile auto pay account, so I will keep very little money in this capital one account. Just enough to pay the cell phone bill and still get the tmobile discount. They are sending us 2 debit cards from capital one. What will happen if I just don’t activate them? Do I HAVE to activate them? Thanks

I’ve had accounts like this and never activated the cards. It won’t be a problem.

I had a debit card (activated) that I didn’t use. After some time, they closed the debit card (not the account). So if you don’t activate yours, nothing will happen.

But now, I’m getting a debit card again from this bank (like yours, a small account to pay specific things). I plan to use the debit card on to obtain virtual credit card numbers for certain transactions. I’m just trying it out to see how it works, and I don’t want it attached to my main bank account.

In a word… no .