Deciding between medical procedures

I was wondering how to discern between multiple therapies and procedures

I am currently doing dysphagia therapy based on a swallowing evaluation from an SLP and referred for an MBS with another SLP sometimes supervised by an ENT but later, I was also asked to do a FEES with either an SLP and a GI. Suspected problems include oral motor, tongue tie, and possibly reflux.

Is dysphagia therapy with an SLP overkill at least till I got the results of a endoscopic fiber optic feeding test, barium feeding test, and GI consult? I am wondering if running this by a 2nd opinion like with an ENT could help especially if insurance needs preauthorization but no referral required

It’s never wrong to request a 2nd opinion. It is also never wrong to ask your doctors questions such as you’re asking here.

Thanks a bunch.