Citi Double Cash

Applied for a Citi Double cash card and was sent a reply that I need to fill out IRS form 4506-C before they could move on with my application. Thought this strange since I already have had a Citi Costco card for over 6 yrs. I also have a Credit score of over 820, they also have my S.S # is this something new? Was also told that once they get the 4506-c they would make another credit pull! Not wanting that so is it Ok just to forget it realy do not need that much.

Not sure what is going on. Never heard of that. Maybe a Phishing site you were on? I would talk to them on the phone and apply for the credit card that way.

About 4 months ago, applied for an American Express card. Did it over the phone. Took about 10 to 15 minutes and was accepted. They were offering a 300 dollar bonus if you spend 2 thousand dollars in the first 6 months.


  1. I would not do a 4506-c to a Credit Cardā€¦ Mortgageā€¦ usually required.

  2. Is it possible Costco requires Citi to give cards to members as part of the deal?.

  3. Are you self employed? Maybe they want to verify your Earnings. This was a problem in Real Estateā€¦ Underreporting income bit them.

  4. Finally, maybe they see to much risk. I seem to recall years ago wanting a credit card from a bank I already had a card with and it was turned down. Seems I already had something like a 20K Credit Limit with them. When I suggested cutting it to 10K on each cardā€¦ they went for it. This worked great as I seldom went over 3K.

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