China's Economic Boom Might Be Over

It looks like the economic engine of China may be running low on gas.

How do you think that will that affect Americans?

China has an enormous labor pool problem that is not going to be easily solved. There are just simply not enough young workers to maintain their historic level of manufacturing.

After 2027, maybe.

There’s a labor pool problem in the United States as well. People might want to check this out.

You’re posting a link to a “report” reads more like an advertisement than a true research document.

EMSI exists to sell services to HR people. They aren’t going to give their product away for free. It’s ad plain and simple. Don’t be fooled by advertising masquerading as news. :nerd_face:

I think China’s labor problem is directly connected to the RE crash they are facing.

When I toured China in 2016 the amount of new housing construction was breathtaking. When approaching metro areas we passed through hundreds of 10-to-20-story condo buildings for as far as the eye could see.

Our guide said they were built by the government to attract people from the agricultural countryside to the city for jobs and a better lifestyle. The condo buildings contained unfinished living units consisting of unfinished concrete walls and floors with no installed plumbing fixtures, doors, electrical outlets, etc.

At that time the units sold for the equivalent of about $150KUS and government-backed financing was easy to obtain.

I would say its the inevitable result of the 1-Child policy over a 40 year period. They have only recently changed that but not enough time has gone by to produce enough labor to fill their manufacturing shortages.

Their population is expected to continue it’s decline into the next century.

The way out of their industrial worker problem may be in reducing farm labor, it uses up a much higher percentage of China’s working population than other industrialized countries do.

China: distribution of the workforce across economic sectors 2022 | Statista.

The birth rate is going down in almost every developed country and has been for some time…