Auto insurance: property damage limits

Please make sure that you have adequate property damage limits, as well as adequate liability limits.

Our 2013 Toyota Venza was parked on the street, when a 2020 Tesla sideswiped my car. The Tesla owner has only $20,000 property damage limits. My was was totaled and valued at over $20,000. Imagine if the driver was in a two or three car accident. He would be terribly underinsured!

I have to claim on my policy under the uninsured/underinsured. My company will cover the loss and go after the Tesla owner to be reimbursed.

Be sure that you are also covered for uninsured/underinsured coverage under your policy.

I thought since the guy had a Tesla, he had plenty of insurance! Wrong, I was glad I was properly insured.

PS: It’s months to get a new Toyota Venza! So we will be without a second car for months! Look forward to a new Venza with all the fancy safety features!

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A million dollar umbrella policy is cheap.


So sorry for your trouble and you are totally correct. Gotta have uninsured/underinsured coverage.

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Limits are only part of the puzzle, getting the insurance companies to pay up is the fun part.