Any Skymiles Reward Card Besides American Express?

I purchase about $3000 a month on my business AMEX card every month, and get Delta Skymiles for the purchases.

However, I don’t do business with woke companies that practice racism and support other harmful political and social causes. Are there any other cards that give Skymiles for credit card purchases?

If not, I would settle for a card that gives cash-back rewards on purchases.

I don’t do miles but love cash back.

Citi Double cash - 2% on everything
Fidelity… same
Alliant FCU - 2.5% on Everything… this is recent, I have the card but am just beginning to use it.

I avoid Rotating… too complicated… not worth the effort.

BYW, I have used Alliant as my on-line bank for years. They are great… the 2.5 Card is new.

Not sure what you mean by “woke companies” but I’d say every major corporation has initiatives on diversity and inclusion. Even Delta was against the GA election law changes. Curious what exactly is your issue?

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What good are Skymiles if you don’t want to do business with Delta?

I would divorce Delta for travel if there were more alternatives in Atlanta

Thanks for the tip. I do a lot of business at Fidelity. I might change to their card.

According to the governor’s office, Delta was in the loop on the changes before they were made and had no issue until their “woke” customers started complaining after the fact. The governor basically called Delta’s CEO a liar and got no pushback.

Funny how CEOs think busybody bigots on Twitter and Facebook represent the views of the population at large. Because us working folks don’t have time to agitate on the internet in our parents’ basement all day long.

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There USED to be, image search “Skymiles Mastercard”, but I think Amex cornered the market now.