ANY credit-card rate below 14 percent is good?

This article essentially says that the answer is “Yes.” Judging from this video as well as this other video, it seems to me that “No” would be Clark Howard’s answer.

Our credit union is at 9% personal loan 3.94% car loan, and 10.25% credit card

There probably are better options out there

The prime rate is 4.75%

Pay all your debts off

Absolutely. We are in a severe bind right now so the goal is to stop the bleeding. The goal is a tourniquet

Good advice. Currently paying 5% interest on all debts except 2.625% for the mortgage.

Good luck, many people are facing hard things.

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Smartpolitics, is the credit card in question a fixed-rate credit card? I can’t say that Navy Federal Credit Union offers such a card at the present time. (For the record, both me and Clark Howard are NFCU members.)

No I believe it’s 5.5% above prime

I’m thinking of taking a credit and I’m looking for some banks with good terms. I found acima credit here, but the rate is almost 12% and some reviews are really negative.

PenFed or maybe other credit unions credit cards