AAA Motorcycle Insurance?

Does anyone have AAA motorcycle insurance? if so, what is or has been your experience with them (with having filed an insurance claim or even if you’ve never filed a claim) would you recommend them?
Thank you!

looked at Motorcycle Insurance - Get a Quote | AAA Insurance
It asked my Zip code.
It appears this is not offered in the Atlanta Area

I also found this

If you are in the southwest, it might be worth a look.
Do you have a car? I assume you would do better with both with the same Insurer.

@PricePerformer I live in FL and yes they do offer both automobile & motorcycle.
The insurance prices for both of my cars were a total of $300 higher for a 6month premium than my current insurance carrier.
The motorcycle price was definitely 14% cheaper than my current insurance carrier, so I’m thinking about making the switch for the motorcycle only.

That review looks like it’s from 2018.
I also did a research and the reviews for 2021-2022 years are about 3 - 3.5 stars out of 5 so that’s why I was seeking advice.

You might think that if you’ve never owned a motorcycle. Over three decades and in five different states, I’ve never found it cost-effective to cover my cars and motorcycles with the same carrier.

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