What Are Your Challenges in Retirement?

Retirement comes with its own set of challenges. Which ones are you (or a family member) experiencing? If looking ahead, do you foresee any challenges? Tell us what you’re doing to resolve them!

Read it, but I don’t have any of those problems.
I have all kinds of problems [boredom and others] but none of those listed.

I’ve only been retired 4 years, but I don’t have any of those problems either. I do read articles about people who feel that their life lacks purpose, but I never let my job define me, and my purpose in life was NOT my job.

We’ve been retired almost 2 years. We don’t have those problems either.

Two problems I have are

  1. changing my mindset from save-save-save to spend-and-enjoy. Still not sure what to do about that.

  2. our bucket list is on hold due to covid…don’t want to fly somewhere, get sick and have to live in a hotel room for a week. Meanwhile, we’re riding our bikes to eventually do some touring or bikepacking. That also improves our health!

Me and my peeps on a New Years Eve ride


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I was given an early retirement (they called it a worldwide workforce reduction of 40,000 people or so) back in 2001 at the age of 51. We were encouraged to apply for un-employment and my state appointed a specific employee to handle our claims.

I took a part time job with a contractor to the same company while I sold my house and moved.

I started working in a tourist location while waiting for the closing on my farm. After a couple years I was let go when the manager decided to hire his friend. This was my 3rd manager in 2 years so I guess I was a pretty good employee to have lasted that long!

Starting life as a farmer was not easy, deciding how to plant, pick, process and sell items.

My farm cost $150,000 to which I put $50,000 down and got a 15 year mortgage at about 5%. I used some of the remainder on the sale of my previous house to fix up the farm and put some into retirement. As the farm progressed, I took advantage of a 72-T and then set up a Solo 401-K.

I began running websites for neighbors and others and help them to convert landlines to VOIP service. I also have unfortunately been the recipient of quite a number of calls like “My printer doesn’t work”,“Can you help me set up my new cell phone” and so on. I also am a Board Member of an organization which welcomes cruise ship visitors ang gives them cultural and logistical information about our destination.

At age 73 I am still cutting down trees, using the tractor and supporting customers and visitors.

A friend has recently decided that he cannot manage his farm and I have decided t ouse a chunk of my retirement funs to fix up his farm and profit from its eventual sale. Out here the prices for land and housing will contine to rise and I feel it is a good investment.

Certainly for some retirees, just sitting or traveling is just not in the cards. I am busier now than I was before retirement.

So nice to see such a large group, and quite a few mature folks, too! Looks a little warm, for Kansas.

I rode thru the winter…didn’t have any snow or salt on the roads. My husband got a new used bike in Feb and he’s been steadily increasing his miles and strength. And we got a rack for the car. I get on the bike and feel like I’m 30 again. Love it!