The Ugly Truth Behind “We Buy Ugly Houses”

HomeVestors of America, the self-proclaimed “largest homebuyer in the U.S.,” trains its nearly 1,150 franchisees to zero in on homeowners’ desperation.

I would say targeting people that are incapacitated is pretty shady, but buying properties from people in financial distress is not. I bought all my real estate from people in foreclosure, divorces, estates, courthouse steps, and bank REOs.

Check out what Clark Howard says about “We Buy Ugly Houses” in this video:

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Good opportunities - less negotiating power

But if your divorced or estate, it’s probably not best to try to do a quick sale but rather take your time

We’re in a market where you can get an offer substantially above ask / list price

Not anymore…the impact of 6.5-7% interest rates is being felt everywhere.

I bought several properies when the rate was 8 to 8.5%

40 years when we returned from living in Taipei, Bechtel gave us a nice chuck of cash. Every expat there had major investments in property so we considered it.

But didn’t. No regrets because we knew, “You can’t go back and change things”.