Some sellers have waaay too much information

This has happened before. I went to a new–never used before–site to buy something. Filling out the form, I just entered my name and email, and the form was suddenly auto-filled with my address and phone number. Hmmmm

Makes me wonder if many sellers are somehow connected.

This happen to anyone else?

[btw: For safety I used a VCC so it can’t be used again unless I approve it]

There’s a good chance that info is coming from your computer,

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Finally found saved passwords options in Outlook and the only ones listed are my two emails. But they do not have my home addy or phone number.

I always check NO when Chrome asks to remember anything.

Ahhhh, just remembered the autofill also filled my usual bank CCN, but I used a VCCN.

I sent an email to the seller asking how they got this info on me.

It’s probably coming from your computer… I doubt the site you’ve never been on before has any way to access your information…

This does not happen on other sites, including those I buy from all the time. They certainly would not have my CCN.

I’m thinking this seller uses a billing system used by other sellers, kind of a group thing. Most small sellers don’t have the time or expertise to manage billing, so they join a group.

I probably bought something from seller A in the past and now seller B belongs to the same billing org. That would explain having my CCN.

I cannot imagine any way my computer would have my CCN.

Got the answer. I somehow joined shopify. No idea how.

They’re some kind of shopping / billing system and keep full details on shoppers.