Should one avoid a CareCredit card like THE PLAGUE?

Stuff that Adam Jusko says in a certain YouTube video from 2018 makes me glad that I have a fixed-rate credit card with a 8.99% purchase APR instead.

I’d agree. It’s like any deferred credit scheme. Not as bad as payday lending but surely worse than CCs

Yes, it’s a trap. There’s no interest free period. the rate is very high,
and it starts the day you take the loan.

If paid in full by a certain date all the interest is forgiven but if not, you’re
stuck for the full amount.

They deliberately mislead you there too, that payment date doesn’t match
your payment due dates and it’s very easy to miss. There’s no warning.

If you try it anyway. Pay the balance in full a month early.

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I have some specialty cards i have used with an introductory zero % rate for my bicycles. I will say that I was surprised that they the statement gave the minium payment that would have it paid off in the introductory period. MAny of them don’t do that. I do know people who got bit by missing the final payment and were shocked that 2 years worth of interest had been added to their card.

For the record, a certain member of the Team Clark Consumer Action Center has sent me the following response, which seems to be from Clark Howard himself:

There is nothing wrong with using a CareCredit card to help with medical bills if that is the only way you can afford to pay. Just be careful with the card. Never be late on your payments and try to pay it off as soon as possible.

Beverly Harzog, who has worked with Clark Howard in the past, brings up CareCredit in this article: