Safe Harbor 401(k) Contribution Timeline

Question about Safe Harbor 401(k) and is there a timeframe that the company has to make their contribution. My company offers a Safe Harbor 401(k) and only they do their match once a year. I was told we generally get the companies contribution after the first quarter in the following year, so after April of 2024 we’re supposed to get our 3% from 2023. Last year when I asked HR about the company contribution I was told “Typically, contributions have been made after the first quarter, in April or May, of the following year.” I have checked my 401(k) account and all three of my personal contributions for May have been posted to my account, there is no company match yet, and we’re past April/May as I was told previously. Can a company wait this long to give us our money from the previous year? I cannot find anything online that says if a company has a certain time limit to give their portion. Giving out their portion once per year loses a lot of potential interest gained throughout the year. As of now, money that could have been gaining interest since January 2023 is going on 16 months of no interest gained.

I’d suggest looking for another job. Your company either isn’t financially stable or doesn’t care about its employees. Neither one is good. Resolving this particular problem won’t fix the underlying issue.