"Reverse" Stigmatized Property

I know most states have a stigmatized property disclosure law but was wondering if there is a reverse stigmatized property situation ? I know it certainly isn’t law, but was wondering if a house fetches more if a famous person lived in it, for example the lovely Mary Tyler Moore’s former house in CT. is listed at 21.9M, was wondering if it’s asking a bit more because she lived in it.
It’s stunning (as she was).

I learned from Donald Osborne, who is the appraiser on “Jay Leno’s Garage”, that a famous person having owned a car can increase the value and it is called " Provenance". I think it can affect the value of many things including homes.

It shouldn’t appraise for any more $ because of the famous occupant, but most people buying houses in that price range don’t rely on bank loans to purchase.