One of Clark's favorites goes bad? Vanguard

In my case at Fidelity, I was a listed beneficiary, and I opened an account with them and kept the money there for about 15 years. They weren’t sending me a check.

Free if performed online. Fees are for phone assist, unless you have advisory services.

I just heard Clark address them last week

Vanguard’s website is an unnecessarily complicated nightmare for me. Sometimes I have to call to get instructions to do things that are very simple at my other banks’ websites. I hope they won’t charge fees to figure out how to do things that a competent web designer could have made straightforward.

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Me too. Very disappointed.

Same here. Last week I was on Vanguard’s website to see the dividends and capital gains I’ve received so far this year. April statement had April div & cg, March had March. Didn’t want to have to look at each month for the several funds I have and finally found a way to generate my own year-to-date pdf for all my funds, hallelujah.

Then I went to my credit union’s website. April statement dated April 22 gives March interest, not April. Jeez, people!

I think website developers are so far from being users themselves that they have no clue what we’re going to want or do when we’re online. Do they even have beta testers?

Agreed. I continually have trouble finding the info I need on their website. Not intuitive at all.


Vanguard’s website is clunky at best.

The CEO is on his way out. Long over due.

New guy from the outside is coming in.

it’s a money grab. They are hoping you don’t notice. Checking my account now, but I’m not eating these fees. Another thought - for smaller accounts, I think it’s a message of “go away, we don’t make enough money off of you.”