Irfan view has taken over all my picture icons

I’ve used Irfan for ages but somehow it’s now taken over all my icons in saved pictures. Several hundred and I can’t what’s what…!

I’ve tried to change “open with” but nothing works. Any ideas?

I keep looking at folders and found some with VLC media viewer. So, instead of showing an icon of the picture, it’s showing the icon of the viewing program.

When you go to Explorer and right-click on a file with that Irfanview icon and you will see an OPEN WITH and a list of choices. At the bottom is CHOOSE DEFAULT PROGRAM. Choose the program you want and also check the “Always use this program to open files of this type”.

Thanks, but done that many times. “Choose the program you want” does not list any that removes the Irfan icon.

The one chosen might work, but the Irfan icon does not change.

Right click in the window (not on a file). Then View … Content.

view content

Thanks, but content shows the same thing:

There is no item to REMOVE the icon per se, the icon is shown based upon which program is going to open the file. By installing a new progarm, the p;rogram may or may not cause the icon to change to the icon for that particular program.

On early Windows systems (can’t speak for WIN 10/11 at the moment as I don’t have my laptop) look for DEFAULT PROGRAMS in your control panel. You can use a different program as the default.

For JPEG and images, there are many alternatives, for example WINDOWS PHOTO VIEWER, I use LVIEWPRO (paid program), but in Win10 I believe there is an app called PHOTOS.

In my copy of IRFANVIEW 64 on Win7, I can click on OPTIONS, FILE ASSOCIATIONS to enable or disable which files it will associate with by default. That association will change the icons for that file type. On Win10 you may be directed to another way to set or reset them.

These associations (which program to use to open a particular file based upon its extention - JPG, JPEG, AVI, etc) control which icon is displayed. On a clean windows system, Microsoft sets these to their own programs or programs which they have preloaded on a system.

When you install certain programns, they may modify these associations to use their own program and icons. Thus when you installed Irfanview, it adjusted those associations. That program allows you within its options menu to set or reset the associations the the system has stored. Microsoft also allows you to change them within the operating system itself as I mentioned above with Default Programs (which would remove all the associations of an individual; program) or by choosing a particular file type of a file in FILE EXPLORER and change (say just JPG or JPEG or whatever) to a different program. If there is no other choice, Microsoft often just uses a default program it decides upon. One can also (with proper knowledge) access the registry and poke the bits to chnage the association of individual file types.

When a program is chosen as the one to access a particular file type, there may or may not be a specific icon that program uses. It is up to the new installed program to decide to change the icon.

An alternative is to uninstall Irfanview, which should reset all associations. Then reinstall but when offered an option to set the file associations for all files the program can open, to make changes or not allow the chnages to be made.

Thanks for the tips and video.
I finally found Windows Photo Viewer on my office computer, copied it, and installed on this machine at the location. This time ‘open with’ gave a browse option, found it, and selected it.

It seems to work. Here is snap of my aircraft pics from long ago, and they show the actual pic. I have several saved pics, and this helps to find the one I want.

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