Investment decision

Well I transferred from Edward Jones to Fisher Investments. Good or bad decision? Hopefully good decision

Well…you have already made the decision. What did you base it on ?

Personally, I would never pay someone to manage my own money. Its really not that difficult…


And I would never go with a company that advertises as much as Fisher Investments. They must charge a high fee just to cover their marketing costs. If I did hire someone to manage my money, it would be a local person who I could sit down and discuss my finances.

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I agree with OU812. If I hire a financial advisor, I would pick a local person that I can meet face to face and have the discussion - body language means a lot.

If someone was asking me the question that you asked on this post my answer would be to read up on investing all you can from Clark’s website and do what makes sense for you. I would invest half of your money into Fidelity and manage it yourself and then see who comes out on top after 10 years. If you keep it simple it makes it more easier.