Health Insurance self employed

Hoping for Clarification.
Is anyone clear on how to list health insurance premiums if you are self employed?
Daughter started her own business in 2022. She has Tricare YA under us and pays her own premiums. She would like to claim the $3100 in premiums if she could. But Turbo business software is being confusing.
She has minimal prescription deductions. Just want to be able to claim the premiums.
She is looking at a $10K tax bill ATM ( no we didn’t know she should be paying quarterly) and we are trying to reduce it anyway she can, but has the money saved to pay what ever bill she is faced with.
No she wont go see a Tax preparer. She wants to save all her money and hates the thought of paying someone. She has kept indepth records. Just getting it into the right columns for a tax break is tricking us.