Has anyone received an email from Costco about no longer accepting Discover cards online soon?

Has anyone received an email from Costco about no longer accepting Discover cards online soon? We’re reading reports from users in other threads that Costco recently sent an email that they will no longer accept Discover cards on Costco.com in November. But no Costco members on Team Clark have received this alert. Have you?

Did it say why Discover cards are no longer accepted?

Unfortunately, no one on Team Clark received the email but we believe all Discover cards. Our credit card expert, Nick, contacted Costco but hasn’t received a response yet. Discover issued this statement to us:

“We are disappointed in Costco’s decision to stop accepting Discover® at Costco.com, especially for the impact it has on our shared customers. Discover strives to ensure a quality customer experience so our cardholders can shop where they choose across any of the 99% of merchants in the US that take Discover. While discussions on this matter with Costco have concluded at this time, Discover will continue our focus on ensuring the best experience for our cardholders.”

We’re continuing to research and will have an article soon!

Seems true.

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Costco Removing Discover Card Option by Cory Santos - Wednesday September 27, 2023

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I have had my Discover card for more than 25 years, ad have been more than satisfied with their service.


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Here’s everything we know so far: Costco Will No Longer Accept These Popular Credit Cards

Yes, I received the notice last week and shredded it. Hubby loves Costco so it won’t affect our membership…me I’m a Sam’s girl and we have no BJ’s to have that choice.


I received the notification from Costco and it is probably due to the merchant fee that Discover charges or wants to charge. Since I don’t have a Discover Card, this will not alter my shopping.

I was a Costco member several years ago. Costco stopped accepting American Express credit cards. When that happened, I cancelled my Costco membership and started a Sam’s Club membership. I never went back to Costco.

Clark talks about both clubs and has good things and bad things to say about both. There appears to be more Sam’s Club locations than Costco locations. I am a Plus member at Sam’s Club. I like the early shopping hours, the free shipping, the cash back, and other discounts offered by the Plus membership. I get more in return than what I pay for the Sam’s Club Plus membership.