Good idea to get Series EE savings bond for $100?

My father wants to get me a Series EE savings bond for $100 as a late Christmas gift. Would that be a good idea in this day and age? For the record, I’m disabled, I receive SSDI benefits, and my dad is my representative payee.

I think I bonds may be a bit more versatile. They can be cashed out after 1 year ( you forfeit 3 months interest) and after 5 years ownership, the respective I bonds can be redeemed with no penalty. Here, the EE bonds are guaranteed to double after 20 years. BUT if you cash them out before 20 years, say 19 years , 11 months and 22 days of ownership, you only get the accrued annual interest for that near 20 year period. That interest is 2.1% right now. A 20 year minumum holding works out to 3.6% annually to get that EE bond to double.

Do you think inflation will be higher than 3.6% annually for the next 20 years? It is a guessing game. Me, I’d rather have flexible access to my bond being cashed in and get the interest it accrues along the way. Inflation may stay above 3.6% on average for the next umpteen years.

EDIT: I will add that the OP’s dad can buy four (4) separate $25 I bonds if they want. Makes the I bond access, come time to cash them out, a little more flexible. Can cash out one at a time if they want that way.

four I bonds would cost $100.

one ee bond of $100 value would cost $75.
four ee bonds cost $18.75 each.

I thought an EE bond doubles in a 20 year period. You buy $100 of EE bonds today and on December 28, 2042 it can be cashed in for $200.

Is the OP’s dad paying $100 in 2022 dolllars to buy EE bonds?

From Treasury Direct:

" For EE bonds you buy now, we guarantee that the bond will double in value in 20 years , even if we have to add money at 20 years to make that happen."

EE bonds — TreasuryDirect