GasBuddy, avoid checking account

I like to use gas buddy to find the cheapest gas. They have a feature that allows you to actually get 5 ,10, 15 cents off a gallon at select stations with a GasBuddy account. Unfortunately, I can find no way to actually get my savings without allowing them to have access to my checking account. NO WAY DOES ANYBODY GET ACCESS TO MY CHECKING ACCOUNT. Any suggestions? I’ve got at least $20 in credit so far.

If you’re worried about Gas Buddy having access to your account funds why don’t you open a second account? There are a number of banks that offer totally free checking accounts with no minimum balance requirement. You could use one of them. That way the only money they would have access to is whatever they have deposited.

Just make sure you check the terms and conditions of any bank you are considering, along with reviews, to try to make sure there are no “gotchas” that could come back to bite you.

The same account could be used if you have any other Gas Buddy type scenarios.