First Foundation Bank Online Savings 1.65%

Has anyone tried this bank?

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Great rate and FDIC.
Alliant at 1% Barkley at .9%. They are my Barometers.
Not sure about this one.

Over the years, I have opened on line accounts with various lesser known banks and done OK. including Salem 5 Cent Bank in New Hampshire 1.01%, and FNBO Direct…65% in Omaha. and Barkley’s… the only one still open but little used.
They come and go.

Found this … old but… apparently not settled.

The decision is yours. I like Alliant… now with a 2.5% CB Card.

Ya know - the older I get, the more tired I get in chasing rates - be that CB or CD rates or even equities - mutual or otherwise. It is kind of like the “decluttering” thread - I just want to pick pretty good ones and let them be and get on with doing what I really want to do. ???

I often tell others that retirement should mean that you can just stop learning - and just do the devil may care existence. I have always been a bit (or more) OCD about everything and now I would like to experience the “who cares” part of life that many people do. I guess you could call that settling - its OK if I don’t actually get the newest and greatest all the time even with CB, or CD’s or opening this or that account because they will give some bonus.

As far as learning - yea, guess I will stop as soon as I learn all the tech stuff in my new car, new phone, new tablet, new desktop, new streaming choices . . . . . now, new ordering at the local fast food place - eee- GADs!

Sorry - must be my day to rant.