FDIC. not for fraud?

I unfortunately got my Charles Swab brokerage account compromised via Plaid to my other bank SOFI.
I don’t understand how Plaid account transfer works but why no such oversight from Schwab.
I understand FDIC. insured is only for bank collapses only. Does not cover fraud?
Thinking about moving money to Fidelity, would that be any better?
Schwab is not as stable at this point.
Where / how is everybody keeping their money safe these days?
Should I be concerned about Wealthfront also?
I can not afford to lose my retirement money.

With Fidelity, you can lock your accounts against funds being transferred out until you unlock them. It is called Money Transfer Lockdown.

Many people here have accounts with Schwab. Can you be more specific about this statement? How were you compromised? How do you know it was Schwab and not Plaid or SOFI? Do you have 2FA?

Sounds like you linked payment platform Plaid to your Schwab account and your Plaid account was compromised. Not sure why you are blaming Schwab. Get rid of Plaid.

People say to not use Zelle (Clark Howard included) because there aren’t any protections against fraud. People transfer money with Zelle and then find out they were scammed and want the transaction reversed. Nope. It’s gone. So they blame Zelle or Wells Fargo or whomever. Nothing wrong with Zelle. It’s no different than handing someone cash.

I asked it here because there are many retirees here.
After what I see so far, incident happened during last week in december when most senior level workers are out.
I might have use Plaid services 2 years ago, maybe, just to open those local internet banks. You don’t need to have account with Plaid, it just pop up.
Somehow the crook able move money from Schwab to my SOFI internet bank account via Plaid. Thanks to my lucky star, They can not take it out b/c 2 step verification, all my Charles schwab money in Sofi jail for now. I will open Fidelity account and initial deposit trial money from there. Very disappointed in schwab, they can NOT even call,text,email me to let me know that my whole $100,grand + being moved. I put in google number, my cell number, e mail etc. got nothing. I had free time to check my banks balances on and found problem. On the phone call pn Dec. 26th 23 for 2 hours+ b/c my schwabe has some kind of block on it. Not till Jan 5th 2024 , to find out. Schwab ( Jr. level) mentioned over the phone that FDIC. insure, may take to 90 days to investigate, no worries, 2 weeks in still not a word from investigation team, just to ask the basic) Filed a complaint with IC3 , saw it on youtube that they might be about to find it sooner. Also found online Schwab is in trouble 2023, they losing a lot of money. Anyway,There is a way to clean you Plaid footprint at my.plaid.com. per youtube. Make Plaid account, erase everything then close my.plaid account. Retirees here have millions, Do you have anything to add per add security? Yes, I changed all passwords to banks Malwarebytes to comp and cellular, and Freeze credits.

At Schwab go to your security settings and revoke Plaid access. I’d also change my username and password at the same time. Make sure you use VIP MFA, it’s stronger than text message MFA. Use VPN and antivirus. Good luck.

Schwab is not going out of business. That’s a load of crud.

Just to update my situation. The bad guy could not get my money out due to these 2 steps so somehow my Schwab account got transferred to my SOFI bank. I found it while I was going around changing passwords. Told Schwab since 1.11.24 and nothing happened. Finally today Jan 30th, 2024,( My brokerage account got taken on Dec 26th 23, a month ago.) This lady said she works for Schwab as an investigator, the first time I ever had anybody talk to me about my missing money. You can tell that she has just got this case and wondered if she even read anything in there. I told Schwab where the money is and I, myself found them, and the IP address of the people who hacked my accounts 3 weeks to a month ago, but none of those even get to "the snap-crackle pop investigation team at all. ( or they don’t read their report) Something is seriously wrong with Schwab at this point, does not seem they are running as a world-class brokerage firm with experienced people working for them. I asked did they had ever try contact these pension places to get my money back, oh yeah they just started today when I asked. I am glad I dodged the bullet but I am not going back to schwab.
You all make sure you go deep into those securities and privacy in your setting at your bank and set it right.

2FA is wonderful, and where offered, I also use a Yubikey for 2FA. My key never leaves my desk, and if somehow stolen, thief still does not know the code to activate the Yubikey,

Fidelity Brokerage account. Can I ask a question about Fidelity?
I finally opened a brokerage account with Fidelity, It asks about core ideal. One of them yields almost 5.00 % interest ( I choose this one) Another, mentioning something about the money market that yields 2.79%. Not sure what’s the difference. Is this type of account somewhat FDIC? insured? Well, the brokerage version of it anyway. $150 G +. I need a safe place to stash the cash for now, after my scare with Charle Schwab. Feel much better, about the account “hold” Fidelity is offering. Anything else I should look into for a better deal and safty?